E Komo Mai: Welcome Statement

Aloha and welcome to Iyengar Yoga Hawaii, a center for learning yoga in the lineage of the late yoga master B.K.S. Iyengar.

Yoga is for everyone. “The young, the old, the extremely aged, even the sick and the infirm obtain perfection in yoga by constant practice,” according to the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, one of the most important ancient texts on yoga. B.K.S. Iyengar expressed this sentiment many times, and it is echoed by his lineage of Certified Iyengar Yoga teachers around the world: Yoga is universal, and all who would seek its benefits can find them with sincere practice.

In practical terms, this means that we honor diversity of all kinds. Ours is a non-competitive, inclusive, and respectful environment. No matter your age, race, ethnicity, creed, gender, sexual orientation, physical condition, etc. you are welcome here. All bodies are welcome, and we are committed to meeting you right where you are.

East Hawaii has a vibrant community of yoga practitioners and teachers from various traditions. There are also residents who haven't tried yoga yet but want to, and those who have given it a try but haven’t felt the urge to continue, and still others who want health but wouldn't consider coming to a yoga studio because they feel intimidated or not comfortable. In all of these cases, we welcome you. The benefits of Iyengar Yoga are to be experienced. You’ll notice a difference from the very first class. The more you practice, the better you feel. Some of the more immediate benefits include feelings of strength (both inner and outer!), greater smoothness and comfort in your movements, and inner calm. The subtle benefits emerge over time. We welcome you to experience for yourself how Iyengar Yoga can make you feel.

Iyengar Yoga Hawaii is here to serve Hilo’s existing community of yoga practitioners as well as those who are new to yoga. We offer yoga in a single lineage, Iyengar Yoga, which teaches a specific and refined methodology; yet ours is a center for learning that is open to students who hail from all yoga traditions. If you find value here, whether for your own practice or if you also teach, we will consider the work a joy and a success. When we uplift one, we uplift us all. As Guruji Iyengar often said, yoga is one. And as teachers emerge who wish to earn Iyengar Yoga certification, we will be here to support and guide you as our mentors have done for us.

Yoga returns us to our own power. At Iyengar Yoga Hawaii, we guide you to understand and experience the power that is already within you. This is particularly important if you suffer from an injury, ailment, or health challenge that makes you think you may not be able to do yoga. We are here to show you that you can. Yoga’s healing properties are vast; as such, it is rapidly gaining a reputation as an effective form of holistic therapy for many physical, physiological and emotional problems. Increasingly, research on Iyengar Yoga reveals that it can help with a multitude of ailments ranging from the mild to to severe.

At Iyengar Yoga Hawaii, we teach you practices that give you a sense of your own power to take some degree of control, no matter how great or small, over your own health. In other words, we are not healers and we will not heal you; rather, we will teach you yoga practices that are appropriate for your body, and we will guide you in their practice so that you may learn, grow, and heal on your own, to whatever extent is possible for you.

Finally, we welcome those of you who suffer from afflictions that are hidden or unseen. Perhaps you have troubles from the past that you can’t seem to shake off:  Abuse of any kind, trauma, depression, addiction, or something else. While we can’t make any promises that yoga will cure these problems, what we can say is that yoga has the power to help and even transform human beings not just physically, but psychologically, emotionally and spiritually. Yoga may help you in ways you can’t fully fathom or articulate – in fact, this is common.

These intangible, hard-to-describe benefits are here for you if you would seek them with an earnest heart. If you are living with an affliction of this “unseen” variety, it is quite possible that you will find relief here. To what extent? That is for you to discover. We invite you into a safe space where you can shine a light into those dark places inside, understand yourself deeply, and find some space and relief from old burdens. (It is not necessary to reveal the exact nature of your particular situation, though you are welcome to if you choose.)

Mahalo you for taking the time to read this Welcome Statement. If you have feedback of any kind, please send it to iyengaryogahawaii@gmail.com.